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tv   [untitled]    June 18, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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cost prohibitive relative to the entire police department. we are talking about accommodations, travel, anything to support this person coming to our city and providing the training. we believe we have the expertise in san francisco or the immediate area that we can tap into that will be as effective and less costly. >> well, i would encourage the police department to look into that and have an estimate and i will tell you where i think the chief and i have had a different perspective is that there is i think a general sense which i think is the reason why the police department did not accept the training proposal that we put forward even though we found the money to pay for it. i think there is a sense that we don't need an outsider to come and teach san francisco how to do something like this. i understand that
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sentiment, but i actually think that having experts in this area from other parts of the country is useful and can be useful. if you have those experts come in and you sort of approach it from the perspective that you train the trainer, you can have those national experts and still adjust the training to reflect the realities of san francisco. so the two are not mutually exclusive. so i would encourage that you put together a proposal for how to do the implicit bias training for all officers, every single officer should get that and at least give us a sense of how much money that would cost for that to happen. because right now we are in the middle of a budget discussion at the board of supervisors, so the time to talk about cost is is now. >> i'm sorry, we are moving in the direction of providing that. a
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level of training or training of implicit bias awareness to the entire department, not just the command staff and starting there. we had an expert available at the time whose schedule permitted it and we took advantage of that. it's just a matter of now identifying other experts that will be more readily available to engage in the day-to-day operations of the police department. >> do you have a time line? is there a deadline by x date we will have every single police officer have been trained on implicit bias. >> i think that requires on the engagement on who is doing the training and scheduled. i will offer to you by year-end that we have identified someone to do that training and perhaps even embarked on that training by that time. >> well, i appreciate that, chief. i
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think my hope is that we have, that we try to move as quickly as possible. maybe the goal should be by the end of the year every officer should have that training and i don't know if that's possible, but i think that trying to be aggressive in terms of our timeline is really important. >> i think 1700 officers to being trained by the end of the year would be, if we want to provide them with some substantive level of training that is beyond 30 minutes, it's going to require more time than that. >> you are the expert on that, but i think whatever, however long we want to do it as soon as possible. the last thing that i would say is and i'm really grateful to the public defender for the leadership that he has demonstrated on this issue. you know he
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had a presentation on 21st century police negative san francisco and there are a number of recommendations. can you speak on where the police department is relative to those recommendations and are you working with the public defender moving forward with the various recommendations that they made? >> once again i have only become recently aware of those recommendations. as you can see obviously i have to look at them. part of my responsibility is training where a regional academy throughout the bay area. there will definitely be an analysis to look at this and see where we are just as we did with the president's 21st century report and saw the number of recommendations
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from the panel of experts across the country are things we have been doing for years. we'll look at this and continue this conversation. >> thank you. >> deputy chief, i wanted to say that your comment that the goal of the police department to train everyone within the department on implicit bias unconscious raises a breath of fresh air and that will be a great goal. as a budget member i will work to accomplishing that goal. when he addressed on the issue by me and other budget committee members, he mentioned nothing about training the whole staff. so it's a pleasant surprise to hear that. i think he mentioned the captain and command staff. that would be great if we can
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>> mayor lee did include this. she is our mediation coordinator and we have a nationally and internationally renown program. to assist in the policy work that the occ that conducts while
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and the order that was involved. a 1.0 investigation and 1.0 information assistant to assist occ's information technology business analyst. as of yesterday the board of supervisors budget staff recommended deletion of the proposed leadership position. the breaking news that i received before i came here was that the budget staff may no longer be recommending that
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deletion and i'm very happy. >> i will try to ensure that's true. >> thank you very much. >> that concludes my remarks. thank you. >> thank you, director hicks. i guess going back to the issue of staffing. i appreciate the fact that the mayor and the board hopefully will provide the occ with what has been requested but it seems to me that this request given sort of the magnitude of everything that's happening is very modest.
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i'm wondering if you have any thoughts of how much that would increase to commensurate with increase. >> supervisor campos, i believe that with the with police staffing that we could always use another couple of investigators. i leaned over to deputy director who is there at the computer operating the that i said it's going to conduct the academy class and how to avoid having complaints filed against one. and the process once the complaint is filed. the occ has never
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achieved the goal that was set in the controllers audit of the occ as one investigator should have no more than 16 cases. as i speak to you today, the investigators at the occ have a case load of 28 cases. the public is dissatisfied. i recently released the results of a customer satisfaction survey that the occ is sending out in regards to findings with officers. the typical message of the complaints is is is is they are not getting enough updates from investig
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